Oil and Gas


Continuous monitoring and supervisory control of a single pump or a line of pumps whether used in support of drilling, pit-to-pit transfers or pit-to-pad for frocking. Discharge pressure monitoring, automatic pump shutdown and alerting help avoid line bursts and detect ruptures. The portable SMB that installs in less than 15 minutes provides real-time data to the Centurion web-system. The user can then view all pumps, tank levels and flows to provide a smooth and interruption-free water transfer.


Monitor your franc tanks or above ground storage tank (AST) levels, with alerting for high and low levels for fresh or produced water. Use the SMB-Tanks to monitor and view levels and flows into tanks.

Transfer Lines

Measure flow rates, flow volumes and pressure to ensure the systems that you depend on to move water between sites are operating reliably and safely.


The GMB provides separate control and monitoring of a generator and the attached load, allowing for smaller generators to be deployed and remotely controlled. This provides significant fuel savings, prolonged equipment life and 24/7 information and alerts.

Gas Safety

Remotely monitor and alarm ambient levels of H2S to ensure your field personnel are safe upon arrival to the production site etc.

Gas Compressors

Antx can provide a reliable back-up system to primary radio-based systems. When faulty compressors can pose five-figure-per-hour lost revenue risks, it’s essential to know immediately, at all times, the status of your gas compressors and when repairs are needed.

Engineering Projects.

Mechanical engineers use the principles of physics and mathematics to design, analyse, and maintain various mechanical systems. In Canada, mechanical engineering students usually go through four years of university education before joining the workforce. After graduation, they have the chance to try a variety of roles within their profession such as design engineer, research etc.
Ecom is a publicly-traded company headquartered in Canadian city of Quebec. The company is under construction and so in the website , The website will flash on the internet as soon ats the construction work of the company completes
Ecom engineering branch offers roles for all types of engineers, semi-skilled and unskilled with the majority of roles in the mechanical engineering category. Mechanical engineering fresjers t and experienced staff interested in joining Ecom can work for one of Ecom’s many branches, such as Iron and Steel Engineering, Oil and Gas, Thermodynamics. Power Plants, Automobile Spareparts , Maintenance and many more opportunities for Skilled , Semi-skilled and Unskilled workforce.
Mechanical engineering fresher’s and experienced staff interested in joining Ecom can expect a work environment that prioritizes health and safety as well as environmental protection.
Ecom is a company that prides itself on being a problem solver and providing solutions for advanced sciences, digital technologies, operations and facilities management, and more. The company has a variety of branches. Some of its most notable projects include the design and construction of Dubai’s Business Bay, as well as Toronto’s Metrolinx Transit Program.
Engineers working for AECOM will have the opportunity to participate in landmark projects that will mark the skyline of Canada’s big cities. Most mechanical engineering roles are related to project management as well as process engineering, so mechanical engineering graduates can expect to work in these fields when they apply to AECOM.

Iron & Steel

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Power Plant

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Automobile Spare Parts

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New Projects

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